Monday, 22 July 2013

Insictech Musicland Raya Giveaway

Follow the instructions below,
Enter Insictech Musicland Raya Giveaway....
And stand a chance to win.....

Grand Prize x 1:
AEON Shopping Voucher worth RM100 + Raya Music Hamper worth RM200,
Including UK's Konangan Di Aidilfitri Autographed album.....

Consolation Prizes x 10:
UK's Konangan Di Aidilfitri Autographed album

Giveaway opens for everyone residing in Malaysia.....
Lucky winner will be chosen via 

More about UK's Konangan Di Aidilfitri.....
You can listen and purchase UK's raya album songs,
@ itunes now!!!~

Listen to more UK's raya song,
@ Youtube Raya Bersama UK's playlist...

For Digi users,
You can get Raya songs featuring UK's, Datuk Ahmad Jais and many more....
Just press CT 9800070 and send to 2000 now!
With the charges of just RM1 per week!~


  1. My Raya Wish is wishing my friends and family happy and healthy :D

  2. My Raya Wish is I hope everyone will keep healthy lifestyle, be careful in everywhere such as in highway, kitchen and wherever you are, and have a wonderful Raya Celebration ! :-)

  3. Salam Aidilfitri buat semua muslimin dan muslimat. Semoga keberkatan Syawal dapat dirai bersama.

  4. My Raya wish is get this prize from Insictech Musicland and use it with my family!

  5. Selamat hari raya buat semua muslimin dan muslimat, juga buat semua warga kerja Insictech Musicland Sdn. Bhd..smg Aidilfitri kali ini memberi 1000 makna buat kita semua..

  6. My Raya wish is to enjoy the good food while visiting close friends.

  7. For a greener earth in the future