Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Juwita Bahar CallerTunes Contest

Hypnotising tunes from Indonesia

Can't get enough of Juwita Bahar? Well you're in luck because we're rewarding all Juwita Bahar fans with a brand new Samsung GALAXY S5! All you have to do is sign up for our special CallerTunes™ which comes with FREE CallerTunes™ for a week – and you will be in the running for a new powerful smartphone.
Contest Period: 16 April – 31 May 2014
How do I participate?

It's easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Subscribe to any of our pre-determined CallerTunes™ below and get a FREE CallerTunes™ for seven (7) days! Just SMS the keyword to 22016.
CallerTunes™FREE CallerTunes™Keyword
Song Title(s)Artiste(s)Song Title(s)Artiste(s)
Buka Sitik JossJuwita BaharBuka Sitik Joss (Versi House)Juwita BaharJW
Buka Sitik Joss (Chorus)Juwita BaharKereta Malam (Chorus)Juwita BaharJW1
OplosanJuwita Bahar (ft. Nurbayan)Cup DikecupJuwita BaharJW2
Kereta MalamJuwita BaharMandi KucingJuwita BaharJW3
SimalakamaJuwita BaharTakut Sama IstrimuJuwita BaharJW4
Example: To subscribe to “Buka Sitik Joss” by Juwita Bahar, and receive “Buka Sitik Joss (Versi House)” by Juwita Bahar for FREE, SMS JW to 22016.

Step 2:


Subscribe to more CallerTunes™ from the pre-determined table below for a higher chance of winning!

Song Title(s)



Buka Sitik Joss (Verse)

Juwita Bahar


Buka Sitik Joss (Versi House) (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar


Buka Sitik Joss (Versi House) (Verse)

Juwita Bahar


Oplosan (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar (ft. Nurbayan)


Simalakama (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar


Mandi Kucing (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar


Cup Dikecup (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar


Wedi Karo Bojomu

Juwita Bahar


Kali Merah Athena

Juwita Bahar


Takut Sama Istrimu (Chorus)

Juwita Bahar


Step 3: 

The top participants with the highest amount of CallerTunes™ from the table above will be asked a simple trivia before being selected as a winner!

Keep your subscriptions active throughout the contest period to stand a chance to win!
What do I win?


One (1) Grand Prize Winner: One (1) unit of Samsung Galaxy S5

Five (5) Consulation Prize Winners: One (1) Giant Shopping Voucher worth RM100


  • Each FREE CallerTunes is only valid for seven (7) days.
  • Individula CallerTunes from the pre-determined list is chareable at RM3/song upon subscription, with a renewal fee of RM2/song for each subsequet month.
  • In addition to Mobile Content charges, normal SMS and GPRS charges will apply for all DIGI services accessed.

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